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Flavors starts with perfect sourcing. Each ingredient is carefully selected and only the most serious growers are our suppliers. We are committed to sourcing our ingredients from DOP certified growers to make the most perfect rubs that will enhance your steaks, ribs or sausages.
Our rubs and blends are all
hand-blended in small batches and freshly grinded or flaked from whole spices and chilis. AAA quality is what you taste and smell!

Holy Smoke BBQ’s rubs and seasonings will take your BBQ and grilling to the next level. It’s not just for the good taste, but the actual composition of our BBQ rubs that makes the big difference!

Our rubs also tenderize your meat and make it juicier with our unique ingredients and how we combine the spices.


Holy Smoke BBQ Grill & Side Sauce Collection is expertly crafted to add finger-licking, savory flavor to your favorite grilled vegetables and meats. Each is made with unique and tasty ingredients and adds depth, spice, or sweetness to your barbecue and grilled meats. Great for dipping too!


Adding flavored wood chips or chunks to your grill makes smoking and grilling even more delicious.
For all types of smoking and grilling.

Apple wood chips
• Mild and aromatic flavour of apple
• Perfect for pork, lamb, fish, chicken, and vegetables

Cherry wood chips
• Sweet, slightly fruity flavour of cherry
• Perfect for fish, seafood, chicken, veal, and vegetables

Black walnut wood chips
• Intense & smokey strong flavour of black walnut
• Perfect for all types of beef and pork & chicken

Oak wood chips
• Texas-style intense flavour of oak
• Perfect for all types of beef and pork