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All the way from Austin Texas to Bräcke Sweden! Aaron Franklin is hosting his first ever cooking class at Holy Smoke BBQ this August.

A unique chance to learn from one of the finest pitmasters.

Let Aaron teach you everything there is to know about brisket, pork ribs and pulled pork.

It’s an all day hands-on class on trimming the meats, making rubs and seasoning. As well as conversation on fire quality, air flow and how fluid dynamics interplay with bbq and different types of cookers.

We will talk about techniques such as: wrapping meats, use of foil etc. slathers, sauces and everything in between. Throughout the day we will learn how to pick meat, what to ask for, how to cook it, how to make judgment calls while cooking, how to serve and how to troubleshoot.

In our efforts to replicate Aarons Austin smoke house environment we shipped one of his 1000 gallons smokers to Sweden.

Aaron is accompanied by the one and only Daniel Vaughn, Barbecue Editor at Texas Monthly, who will cover some theoretical aspects of Texas BBQ.

The class starts av 7am and ends with dinner around 8pm.

Two dates, August 11 or 12.