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The prettiest hair in BBQ, straight outta Waxahachie Texas – Matt Pittman from Meat Church BBQ.

Our dear friend Matt was here in September 2016 to host class focused on cooking with the Big Green Egg. He’s got more cards up his sleeve and will come back next summer to teach you more.

Big Moe Cason from Des Moines Iowa, a self taught pitmaster who has competed in almost 300 competitions over the past 10 years.
He’s passionate about maintaining the integrity of BBQ by cooking with authenticity, using simple recipes, and honoring the history of BBQ. His award-winning sauces are made from scratch with natural and fresh ingredients. Good enough to use for competitions but made for the everyday backyard cook.

This will be a very special day in Bräcke with two top level pitmasters coocking alongside each other covering every possible aspect and piece of bbq hardware we have at Holy Soke (and that’s quite a few cookers)